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Gamer Network is one of the world’s leading games media businesses

With a strong focus on editorial quality and community, our group of award-winning websites reach over 20 million unique visitors every month.

Our market-leading events attract over 100,000 visitors each year. And our growing services division produces advertising creative and bespoke gaming content for a wide range of clients.

Founded in 1999, Gamer Network is an independent, privately owned business. The company is headquartered in the vibrant seaside city of Brighton and we have teams based in London, New York, San Francisco and across Europe.


Gamer Network’s family of video game websites are among the most popular in the world

The company's first website,, launched in 1999. Over the following years the company has added a range of other specialist websites to its portfolio, creating a market-leading network.

Today, the company operates or represents sites for consumers and the trade covering all platforms and in multiple languages. All of the sites have a strong focus on editorial credibility, quality and community.

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Founded in 1999, is Europe’s leading independent video games website

Known for its editorial quality, uncompromising reviews and in-depth articles, as well as breaking news, the website boasts a multi-award winning team of the most experienced and respected games journalists in Europe.

The site covers all gaming platforms and has a highly engaged community of over 1 million registered users, as well as a growing presence on the YouTube and Twitch video platforms, where its journalists produce exclusive content on upcoming games.

Launched in 2012, USgamer is our US flagship multi-format games website

The fast-growing site is focused on the North American games community and offers its users unique ways to interact with the site and readers.

Its hugely experienced teams of writers, handpicked from some of the world's most respected websites, ensures its high-quality editorial sets the agenda and involves users in shaping the discussion. is the market-leading website for games industry professionals

With over 100,000 verified industry users and 50,000 daily email subscribers, it boasts the richest and most energised games industry community in the world. Its jobs board is at the heart of its offering, delivering the widest selection of games vacancies available globally.

With the team split across the US and Europe, it ensures true global coverage, plus the fastest breaking news surrounding every aspect of the global video games industry value chain.

Outside Xbox produces high-quality videos dedicated to the world of Xbox

Launched in 2012 by an experienced, respected and professional team of video journalists, Outside Xbox has gone on to carve out a strong position in the market, becoming known for its high production values and unique content.

With a fast-growing subscriber base, it publishes to YouTube, its own site and partner sites.

Modojo is one of the leading websites focused on mobile games

Delivering a rich mix of news, reviews, features and guides, the US and UK team combine to offer the most extensive coverage of this fast-evolving platform. The site also has a growing YouTube presence, offering easy-to-follow guides to hit games.

Gamer Network acquired Modojo in 2011. The site was built for mobile first, offering a well optimised experience for users to enjoy the content they love whichever device they are using, along with deep links to purchase games under discussion.


Gamer Network is partnered with a variety of successful games websites

Each relationship is unique - whether it’s handling advertising sales, helping with design and tech, content provision or investment, we’re always looking for ways that we can help websites fulfil their potential.

We are proud to have long-standing partnerships with websites such as Rock, Paper, Shotgun, news specialists VG247, Nintendo Life and Prima Games. If you would like to become a Gamer Network partner please get in touch to talk about the opportunities.

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Eurogamer in Europe

Eurogamer has been successfully franchised across Europe in 10 local languages

With editions in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Belgium, the site offers a truly global view on the games market.

Local teams in each territory produce bespoke editorial to satisfy local needs, using the power of the network to produce scoops that cross borders and give Eurogamer a reach and influence that extends beyond many of its rivals.


Rock Paper Shotgun

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is a world-leading site dedicated to the world of PC gaming

Founded in 2007 by a group of influential and respected industry veterans, Rock, Paper, Shotgun has quickly become one of the world's biggest PC gaming websites. Its team of writers pride themselves on bringing brilliant and obscure games to wider attention.

Gamer Network became a partner in Rock, Paper, Shotgun in 2010 and the site has continued going from strength to strength since then.


Founded in 2007 and 100% dedicated to global games news, VG247 is a world leader in its field

With over 1,300 articles published every month, industry veteran Patrick Garratt leads a global team of news writers ensuring it offers the highest quality and fastest 24/7 news coverage on the planet. The site also has a YouTube presence.

A team of writers powers its unique position across the US, Australia and Europe, ensuring it is always first to the hottest topics.

Nintendo Life

Nintendo Life is the world's biggest dedicated Nintendo fansite

The site was launched and developed by an international team of Nintendo fans and has built up a vocal and family-friendly community of Nintendo enthusiasts from across the globe.

Gamer Network partnered with Nintendo Life in 2011. The site’s unrelenting passion for Nintendo means it brings not only the biggest games to the forefront but also the hidden gems from the entire Nintendo catalogue past, present and across all platforms.

Push Square

Push Square is one of the top PlayStation communities online

Fuelled by an international team of writers and fans, the site delivers global news and features as well as high-quality reviews of all games across every PlayStation format.

With PlayStation 4 in the ascendency and Sony's stated ambition for the PlayStation brand to extend beyond the borders of its own hardware, Push Square is ideally positioned to continue its impressive growth.

Prima Games

Prima Games is the world’s leading game guide brand

Gamer Network redesigned the Prima Games website, owned by Random House, in 2013 and supplies best-of-breed web content on an ongoing basis. We also sell the site’s online advertising.

Gamer Network was also instrumental in creating the innovative eGuide technology used by many of the world’s leading game publishers.


Brasilgamer is a games website dedicated to one of the fastest-growing markets in the world

The site is a joint effort between Eurogamer Portugal and a local team in Brasil and has enjoyed impressive growth since its launch in 2012.


Gamer Network is the leading video game event producer in the UK

Between EGX and EGX Rezzed, the company now has two major video game exhibitions reaching 100,000 avid gamers each year.

In partnership with Virgin Media, EGX events attract the biggest games and technology companies in the world to showcase their products in the UK, often allowing consumers to get their hands on them for the first time.

Gamer Network has also expanded into business-orientated events via the GameHorizon conference and the GamesIndustry Fair.

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EGX is the UK’s biggest video games event

Founded in 2008 and now taking place at the NEC in Birmingham every September, the show now offers 80,000 visitors the opportunity to get their hands on the latest video games and technology each year.

As well as hands-on gaming, the event has tournaments, cosplay, retro games, developer presentations and panels, parties, board games, a dedicated B2B space (the GamesIndustry Fair) and lots more.

EGX website

EGX Rezzed

EGX Rezzed is the PC & indie focused sister event of EGX

Originally founded to focus on the dynamic PC and indie games sector, the show has expanded to encompass all forms of next-generation gaming and gamer culture.

The 2015 event is being run in partnership with BAFTA and is taking place at Tobacco Dock in London. 15,000 gamers can expect to share their passion for videogames and unearth hidden indie gems, meet game developers and compete for prizes.

EGX Rezzed website


GameHorizon is the conference focused on the future of the games business

The event was acquired by Gamer Network in 2013 to be the company’s B2B conference brand and attracts a wide range of decision-makers, CEOs and creative talent from around the world.

Inspired by the wider entertainment markets, the sessions are targeted at future opportunities and industry growth through new technology, creativity and financial success. GameHorizon has expanded to incorporate an Investment and Marketing Summit that takes place at EGX.

The GamesIndustry Innovation Awards recognise the pinnacle of achievement in the games business

Voted entirely by verified members of the games industry (via, these prestigious awards cover a wide range of innovation in games including design, technology, business, marketing and retail.

The GamesIndustry Innovation Awards ceremony takes place at the GameHorizon conference.

The GamesIndustry Fair is a lively hub for networking and education in the UK video games business

Taking place as part of EGX, the GamesIndustry Fair combines B2B elements including the GameHorizon Investment Summit, the UKIE AGM, BAFTA surgeries and a Careers Fair.


Gamer Network offers a variety of services to the games and media industries

Gamer Creative is our in-house design agency that produces web advertising creative for many of the games industry's biggest brands.

Our Content Services division is responsible for providing content to third parties including Prima Games, GAME and [a]listdaily.

We also hire out high-spec gaming equipment to assist with third-party and partner events.

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Gamer Creative

Gamer Creative is Gamer Network’s in-house creative agency

Originally conceived as a way of ensuring that advertising campaigns on our websites were produced to the highest quality, we now produce creative for the majority of games publishers.

Gamer Creative can produce a wide range of innovative and ground-breaking advertising creative and other brand work both online and offline.

Content Services

Gamer Network syndicates and originates content for a wide range of businesses

Whether it's a simple gaming news feed or a fully hosted and managed content website in multiple languages, Gamer Network can help. The company is producing hundreds of pieces of content per day, and has relationships with excellent games journalists across the globe.

Current clients include Prima Games, Virgin Media and [a]listdaily.

PC Hire

Our partners at The PC Hire Network provide us with a vast amount of high-spec gaming equipment to make the EGX events possible

The same equipment is is available to hire for other major gaming events, LAN parties and press events.

Check out for more information.


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Gamer Network was founded in 1999 by brothers Rupert and Nick Loman

Prior to founding the company, the brothers played a lot of network and online games like Duke Nukem 3D and Quake II, and their love for competitive multiplayer video games led them to organise their own events.

After realising they were better at organising than competing, they decided to create an online games business together with friends from the gaming community. Several years after that (paying the bills by designing websites and game middleware) they decided to focus purely on games media.

After completing medical school, Nick left the business in 2004 to pursue his career in medicine and competitive BBQ, leaving Rupert to take the business forward. In the following years the company has grown to over 50 full-time employees and remains at the forefront of games websites and events globally.

Jobs & Internships

Gamer Network is a great place to work!

When we have open vacancies they are posted on the Jobs Board.

We offer a small number of paid internships each year. These are also advertised via the Jobs Board and this is the only way to apply for them. We regret that we are unable to respond to every request for work experience (we get a lot!).

For all other enquiries please contact us.


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